7 Smart Apps on Smartphone for Smart Travelers

Smart travelers and smart applications go hand-in-hand in creating worry-free and breezy travel adventures.

There's a smart application for each travel-connected activity like finding the best place to eat while roaming in Italian Venetian alleys, finding the best hotel deals for a getaway somewhere in Paris or on when to go to Spain for the best bullfight experience.

So what are the must-have travel apps for smartphone?
Here they are:

Google translate

Going to a place where people speak a different language oftentimes, causing travelers to experience frustrations over a holiday treat. However, with a Google translate app, simple language confusion can be easily abated. The good thing about Google translate is that travelers can use if even off line and breaking through language barriers is done without much effort.


Kayak is a free and smart travel app allowing users to compare hundreds of travel sites in seconds. The app can be downloaded for iPhones and other smartphones including Androids, iPad and Window 7 phones. Besides finding the perfect hotel deals, users can track flight status, manage itinerary and even find cheap car rentals. Planning your trip with kayak is definitely a smart move for a smart traveler.

XE Currency

This free, sleek and easy to use currency app gives travelers valid information on real time currency exchanges. Using the app will allow travelers to protect themselves from fraud exchanges and to make comparison before purchasing or paying for services while traveling anywhere in the world. Because it stores last currency exchange rates updates, it works even when offline or when internet connectivity is unreliable.


Travelers must track their travel schedules in order not to mess it up. With tripIt on your smartphone will allow you to manage your travel schedules by organizing your travel documents and everything related to traveling.

Weather Channel App

Because you don't want to spend sightseeing tours under the rain, a weather channel app will save your day. All information on weather anywhere in the world including 10 days forecast can be searched using the app. It's the most popular weather app not only because it's free to use but also for its cool interface and easy-to-use navigation tools. It's a great way to avoid vacation mishaps due of bad weather. And if it happens, it'll be a bad day to go out, so turn on your game apps and play


It's HYPERLINK the world's most popular video messaging and it's free to use. With good internet connection, seeing and talking to your family or friends while visiting London Museums is made possible using skype app on your smartphone.


It's a must-have for travelers who want to cut short their search on the best hotels, must-see places and things-to-do as well. Travelers can also read traveler reviews or straight-from-the-horse's mouth travel information, tips and guidelines. It's a “near me” option allowing a traveler to find near hotels or restaurants on his current location.The key to a smart traveling is smart preparation and it begins with downloading smart applications for traveling.

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